How’s Ruby?

She's great! Over the past month or so, she was sedated again to check her eye pressure, had house visits from her new vision coach Janet, and went for another ultrasound with our nephrology team. On top of that, her little personality is developing more and more each day. She's very happy and content, smiling and laughing… Continue reading How’s Ruby?


Ruby’s First Surgery

This past Sunday night, I set my alarm to 3:45am and 5:15am. 3:45am was my last opportunity to feed Ruby before her 8am surgery (no more milk after 4am). We had to be at Sick Kids to register her by 6am. When the alarm went off, we did a quick transfer from crib to car seat.… Continue reading Ruby’s First Surgery

Early Days

Since our first post, we've been back to Sick Kids Hospital a few more times monitoring the progress with the meds and staying on top of the pressure in her eyes. At our first check up, the first words out of our doctor's mouth were "Wow - what a difference!" The meds are doing their job… Continue reading Early Days