Rarest Ruby is named for our daughter, Ruby Jane, born in January 2016.

Ruby is a happy, smiley, chatty little girl who has brought sunshine into our lives since day one. Her favourite past times include playing, making and listening to music, and visiting her new pals at Sick Kids Hospital.

Ruby was born with a rare genetic condition called Aniridia. Aniridia is a condition that affects 1/50,000-100,000 people. Those without Aniridia are born without irises, and many of those people, like Ruby, have other associated eye conditions (glaucoma, cataracts, nystagmus, foveal hypoplasia, etc).

This blog chronicles the adventures of our family and our girl as we learn to see the world through her wonderful, unique, enlightening eyes.

Posts are made by Ruby’s mom, Sarah (SG), and her dad, Ryan (RG). Occasionally we’ll invite friends and family to guest post.  Maybe one day, Ruby will want to do some writing here too.


Note – we are not medical experts, nor do we intend to be. If you are seeking medical advice, please speak to your family doctor or ophthalmologist.