Early Days

Since our first post, we’ve been back to Sick Kids Hospital a few more times monitoring the progress with the meds and staying on top of the pressure in her eyes. At our first check up, the first words out of our doctor’s mouth were “Wow – what a difference!” The meds are doing their job and helping clear the eyes.

A couple weeks later, I noticed that her right eye seemed to be turning in a little. I brought her into the clinic the next day. While I learned that the turn in is normal (a 4 month old baby is learning to focus on things close to them which can give the illusion of crossed eyes), the doctors are concerned about the pressure in her left eye. It’s risen a bit higher than they’re comfortable with, so Miss Ruby is scheduled to have her first surgery on the left eye this coming Monday morning.

The surgery will help open the “drainage tube” in her eye, allowing the fluid to release more effectively and reducing the amount of pressure that’s building up.  If it’s successful, we may be able to cut some of her medication — that’s good news, especially given that she has one kidney. Because our kidneys filter medication through our system, we want to limit the length and amount of medication she’s on.

We’re feeling optimistic about the surgery. We’re just so fortunate to have Sick Kids so close and so responsive. I’m so grateful for how quickly they’re able to get her in to get the procedure she needs.

In other more uplifting news, Ruby’s new glasses just arrived!

She has been prescribed glasses for her near sightedness, and to help keep the UV out of her eyes.

She chose a lovely faint pink for her everyday transition lenses, and a soft lavender for her shades. Nice choices, Rubes. To help her with the sun, we had the shades tinted a little darker to 85% (I’m told that the darkest prescription lenses often go is 75%).

Ruby gets specs
Ruby chatting it up with Daddy.





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